FAG Control 900

‹Production Presses with only tested formes ready to print. This is the goal you want to reach. In this case you certainly need a Test and Revision Press with the best possible printing strength and register. (…) The Testpress FAG Control 900 has been thoroughly checked by printers under the most difficult conditions, and the results achieved were excellent on all points. › FAG Product Catalog, around 1968

The FAG Control 900 was the biggest letterpress proofpress FAG ever built. Its antecessors were the FAG Control 800, FAG Control 835 and the FAG Control 839 (As with all models, the number means the width of the pressbed) which were slightly smaller models. With every revised version FAG sized this press a bit up until in 1968 they built the Control 900 for the first time.

Heavyweight proofpress

For its size, the FAG Control 900 only came with power driven cylinder and only with a fixed pressbed. Another very important difference to the smaller models was that with the FAG Control 900 will print in landscape format – means that the grippers will hold the sheet on the longer (!) side.  

This press was not only the biggest letterpress proofpress FAG ever built, but also the heaviest. The heavy machine bed (about 1'000kg) with the underside stress is designed to guarantee maximum printing strength. This bed, together with the heavy closed printing cylinder (about 500kg) and full length axle which will not deflect under the heaviest pressure, form an association of lasting accuracy and precision. 


Pressbed size: 900x680mm
Paper size: 895x680mm
Form size: 894x640mm
Press size (l/w/h): 2.45 / 1.6 / 1.2m
Press weight: 2000kg
Standard equipment: LAR, MVA, SSL
Optional equipment: BAT, BRO, ES, PLA/VAK, SAF/PMA, SAM, TRM
Number of presses built: 70–80
Serial numbers: 05.xx.xxx
Built in factory: Avenches, CH
First / last press delivered: 1968 / 1986
Price range: 33'000 – 55'000CHF (~1968)
Known presses still in use: 5

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FAG Control 900; Parts Catalog

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Please note: for all automatic presses (Control and Swiss Proof Models) it is critical to first identify the generation of the electrical controls: SF1, SF2, SF3 or SF4. Though the schemas might look similar—they are not. An SF3 schema won't be good to fix the electical controls of an SF4 press!

Shop / Studios still working with the FAG Control 900

+ ARTE - Maeght Editeur, PARIS, France
+ babyinktwice, Zürich+Glarus, Switzerland
+ Edition Eupalinos, Schaan, Liechtenstein
+ OFFICINA HELVETICA, Biel, Switzerland
+ Raphaël Leleufre, Paris, France