FAG Record

‹The FAG Record was an early large central power driven pressmodel built in Singen, Germany. ›

Since it was a very early and rare model not very much information about this press survived. Because of its complicated central driven construction it was replaced by the less complicated construction of the FAG Control 800 in the mid 1950ies and in the late 1950ies by the FAG Control 835.

Mr Grebien (Former Chief Engineer at FAG Manufactury Avenches) only saw this model once while he needed to repair one in Sweden (probably around the early 1970ies). He never saw any FAG Record ever since. He also mentioned that repairing it was very complicated because of the central driven cylinder carriage. 


Pressbed size: 617x???mm
Paper size:
Form size:
Press size (l/w/h):
Press weight:
Standard equipment:
Optional equipment: RFP, SR, SSL
Number of presses built:
Serial numbers:
Built in factory: Singen, Germany
First / last press delivered:
Price range:
Known presses still in use: 0

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Please note: for all automatic presses (Control and Swiss Proof Models) it is critical to first identify the generation of the electrical controls: SF1, SF2, SF3 or SF4. Though the schemas might look similar—they are not. An SF3 schema won't be good to fix the electical controls of an SF4 press!

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