FAG Standard 550

‹With its robust construction and precision engineering the FAG Standard 550 allows perfect printing from any printing elements – thanks to the guaranteed minute adjustable bed in .0005"› FAG Standard catalog, early 1950ies.

Standard 550 vs. 510

The FAG Standard Models 510 and 550 vary only in the adjustable bed that came with the Standard 550. All models TP, AP, CP, RP and LP would exist as a Standard 510 and also as a Standard 550. Also all of these models could be optional equipped with a power driven cylinder! (To get more informatina about the models TP, AP, CP , Rp and LP see FAG Standard 510)

The inking system with that early clutch system (pretty similar to the Vandercooks No 4) has been modified in several steps during the years.


Pressbed size: 384x540mm
Paper size: 370x530mm
Form size: 375x500mm
Press size (l/w/h): 2.1 / 0.9 / 1.1m
Press weight: Hand cranked: 640kg Power driven: 700kg
Standard equipment: ME, MR
Optional equipment: AFR, BRO, DAS, ES, FRS, HFF, LAR, MC, PLA/VAK, RFP, SR, SSL, TC
Number of presses built:
Serial numbers:
Built in factory: Singen, Germany
First / last press delivered: 1946–1962
Price range: 12'550–20'000CHF (~1960)
Known presses still in use: 15

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FAG Standard 510; FAG Standard 550; Instruction Manual (de)
FAG Standard 510; FAG Standard 550; Assembling Instructions (de) (fr)
FAG Standard 510; FAG Standard 550; Parts Catalog
FAG Standard 510; FAG Standard 550; Accessories

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Please note: for all automatic presses (Control and Swiss Proof Models) it is critical to first identify the generation of the electrical controls: SF1, SF2, SF3 or SF4. Though the schemas might look similar—they are not. An SF3 schema won't be good to fix the electical controls of an SF4 press!

Shop / Studios still working with the FAG Standard 550

+ , ,
+ Abteilung Druckgrafik/ Institute for Graphics and Printmaking, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria
+ Druckwerk Basel, Basel, Switzerland
+ Drukwerk Cursief, Rotterdam, Netherlands
+ Eric Andersen, Zürich, Switzerland
+ Familia Plomez, Madrid, Spain
+ Hofer, Kent, United Kingdom
+ Letterpress.fr, Paris, France
+ Officina Typo, Modena, Italy
+ P98a, Berlin, Germany
+ PoliphilusPresse, Gloggnitz, Austria, Austria
+ Satzwerstatt Solothurn, Solothurn, Switzerland
+ Schuldruckerei der Wolfbuschschule, Stuttgart, Germany
+ SKISS GmbH, Emmenbrücke/Luzern, Switzerland
+ Slow Print, Helmond, Netherlands
+ Someone.ca, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
+ The Tilbury Press, Sydney, Australia