FAG Swiss Proof 40

‹If a proof and not a testpress can be accepted, then choose at least the quality of the FAG Swissproof 40. FAG and SWISS are your guarantee for the quality of the press and the proofs. › FAG Swiss Proof 40 order sheet, around 1970

The FAG Swiss Proof 40 is the less technisized brother of the FAG Control 405. There was no adjustable bed and no power driven cylinder available, which made this press much lighter than the FAG Control 405. With early models, even the power driven inking system was an optional feature.

Aswell as the FAG Swiss Proof 52 and the FAG Control 525-MRS, the Swiss Proof 40 was officially presented at Drupa 1972 in Düsseldorf, Germany. FAG completed their very high standing Control modell line with the MRS update and the two simpler – they call it the «Volkswagen» of the proofing presses – Swiss Proof model line.


Pressbed size: 405x580mm
Paper size: 400x580mm
Form size: 400x560mm
Press size (l/w/h): 2.1 / 0.86 / 1.1m
Press weight: 450kg
Standard equipment:
Optional equipment: CP, LAR, ME, SR, SSL
Number of presses built: 100–150
Serial numbers: 04.xx.xxx
Built in factory: Avenches, Switzerland
First / last press delivered: 1970 / 1986
Price range:
Known presses still in use: 15

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FAG Swiss Proof 40; FAG Swiss Proof 52; General Instructions (en)
FAG Swiss Proof 40; FAG Swiss Proof 52; Instruction Manual (de)
FAG Swiss Proof 40; FAG Swiss Proof 52; Instruction Manual (fr)
FAG Swiss Proof 40; FAG Swiss Proof 52; Instruction Manual (en)
FAG Swiss Proof 40; Parts Catalog

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Please note: for all automatic presses (Control and Swiss Proof Models) it is critical to first identify the generation of the electrical controls: SF1, SF2, SF3 or SF4. Though the schemas might look similar—they are not. An SF3 schema won't be good to fix the electical controls of an SF4 press!

Shop / Studios still working with the FAG Swiss Proof 40

+ , ,
+ Billy Ben, Fribourg, Switzerland
+ Cambridge School of Art, Cambridge, United Kingdom
+ De Uitvreter, Winterswijk-Woold, Netherlands
+ Evergreen Press, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
+ HKB Druckatelier, Bern, Switzerland
+ Ink Spot Press, Brighton, United Kingdom
+ Konstnärs Kollektiv Verkstan Göteborg, Göteborg, Sweden
+ London Centre for Book Arts, London, United Kingdom
+ Museum für Druckgrafik, Rankweil, Austria
+ OFFICINA HELVETICA, Biel, Switzerland
+ R.B. Typolab (BfGZ/ZHdK), Zürich, Switzerland
+ Schule für Gestaltung Bern und Biel, Biel, Switzerland
+ Slowtype, 67063 Ludwigshafen, Germany
+ The Carpathian Press, Berkshire, United Kingdom
+ The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas, Tampere, Finland
+ Tiliqua Press, St Peters, New South Wales, Australia
+ Verein Weiss- und Schwarzkunst, Hochdorf, Switzerland
+ Werkstatt Höflich, München, Germany
+ Whittington Press, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom