Model: FAG Control 900

Studio: Edition Eupalinos, Schaan, Liechtenstein

Hansjörg Quaderer on the FAG Control 900: ‹I got this press 30 years ago from BVD, Vaduz. I moved this heavy piece three times – definitely the last time in the year 2000 when I built my studio around this press...
I use the FAG Control 900 for woodcuts and general letterpress prints.›

About this press

Serial number: 05.03.020
Standard equipment: LAR, MVA, SSL
Optional equipment: SAM
Built/delivered in: 1968
Originally delivered to: BVD, Vaduz
With actual holder since: 1983
Other presses at this studio: none

About ‹Edition Eupalinos›

Artstudio of Hansjörg Quaderer.