Model: FAG under license

Studio: Book Art Museum, Lodz, Poland

Pawel Tryzno on the FAG under license: ‹According to Mr. Grebien (Former Chief Engineer at FAG Manufactury Avenches) FAG once had a deal with Korrex that if someone would order a press that had to be bigger than the FAG Control 900, they would deliver a Korrex Hamburg Kraft (thats the name of this model) and label it with a FAG plaquette.

So this press is actually a Korrex Hamburg Kraft labeled as a FAG.›

About this press

Serial number: not known
Standard equipment:
Built/delivered in: not known
Originally delivered to: not known
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Other presses at this studio: none

About ‹Book Art Museum›

Book Art Museum is one of the most magical places in the city of Lodz. Its magic comes from the natural way in which books seem to combine their past with their future. This is a place where you can experience the versatility of book form, get as close as to touching the materials used, witness the old-style publishing process and get in touch with the gist of changes that books undergo throughout the centuries. Here in the museum new books come to life as well as exhibition projects and programmes using computer science for education and promotion purposes.
At the same time antique printing devices are being collected and restored, and the historical interiors are being renovated.