Model: FAG Swiss Proof 40

Studio: Ink Spot Press, Brighton, United Kingdom

Les Ellis on the FAG Swiss Proof 40: ‹It is used for teaching people who wish to learn letterpress printing. When they are proficient, such people use the press to print art, art booklets, poem books whenever they book the facilities. The press can be used on several days or evenings and at present a week long summer school is taking place.›

About this press

Serial number: 04.03.23088
Standard equipment:
Optional equipment: LAR
Built/delivered in: not known
Originally delivered to: not known
With actual holder since: 2004
Other presses at this studio: none

About ‹Ink Spot Press›

Ink Spot Press is an open access studio used by artists to produce prints. As well as letterpress, the facilities allow work to be produced by screen printing, relief and intaglio methods.