Model: FAG Swiss Proof 40

Studio: Konstnärs Kollektiv Verkstan Göteborg, Göteborg, Sweden

Barrie Sutcliffe on the FAG Swiss Proof 40: ‹This press was recently donated to KKV Göteborg by the Valand Academy of fine arts after they downsized their print workshop. The press remains to be examined, assembled, and installed so we still do not have full information on its features. We hope to have it up and running by Fall 2016.›

About this press

Serial number: 04.01.038
Standard equipment:
Optional equipment: LAR, ME
Built/delivered in: not known
Originally delivered to: not known
With actual holder since: October 2015
Other presses at this studio: none

About ‹Konstnärs Kollektiv Verkstan Göteborg›

KKV Göteborg is a volunteer-run collective artist workshop, with many departments ranging from print to wood to steel to ceramics, glass. KKV also has a modern electronics workshop, including facilities for building circuits, two 3D printers, a Shopbot CNC milling machine, and a large industrial laser cutter. We have recently acquired our FAG proofpress and will be setting it up along with other small-scale printers such as Risograph into a new workshop for artist publications.