Model: FAG Standard TP 550

Studio:, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Aaron Benson on the FAG Standard TP 550: ‹We use the Fag Standard on a daily basis in our storefront shop in Toronto -

We use it for posters, business cards, invitations, announcements and literary ephemera.›

About this press

Serial number: not known
Standard equipment: ME, MR
Built/delivered in: not known
Originally delivered to: not known
With actual holder since: 1969
Other presses at this studio: none

About ‹› is a commercial design studio that also operates a boutique storefront providing letterpress printing in Toronto, Ontario Canada. The team works with companies and individuals providing brand development, creative, design, art direction website design and development. In the storefront, we produce work on our Fag Standard TP550 and our Challenge Gordon Platen press.