Model: FAG Swiss Proof 40

Studio: The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas, Tampere, Finland

Kimmo Kestinen on the FAG Swiss Proof 40: ‹It is used mostly for posters etc. The machine is a part of semipermanent exhibition about printing presses of the 1950's. It is a part of a larger exhibition «Our town», which is about doing all sorts of things together. The press was important media for the Labour movement. What is significant, that this part of the exhibition is «living», that is, you can see all sorts of printing press activities in real life using the same methods that were in use in letterpresses. This exhibition has gained some interest in modern typographers also.›

About this press

Serial number: 04.04.193
Standard equipment:
Optional equipment: LAR, ME
Built/delivered in: not known
Originally delivered to: Printmaking Studio Himmelblau, Tampere
With actual holder since: 2009
Other presses at this studio: none

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